[EXCISE] Arctic Assassin Shen

[EXCISE] Arctic Assassin Shen

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Hey guys!

After hardwork, sweat and tears I was finally able to round up this project of mine.

So after all the rigging and re-rigging and binding and texturing he's finally here!

Now I can hear you all thinking, Stealth Assassins don't wear bright colours and you're probably right!
I chose these 3 colors specificly to challenge the community to make kick-ass reskins on this Shen Model, I know I will , I mean I think it looks prettty sweet and still has great ReSkin potential.

-Full Remodel
-Full Retexture
-Shen has a face!
-New Swords
-Custom Info Icons + Loadscreens
-Custom Particles to match new swords

P.S Make sure you read the README.txt inside the .zip to ensure a clean install

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