Heimerdinger - Corki Saucer Mod!

Heimerdinger - Corki Saucer Mod!

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Hi everyone :)

First skin for this guy, so go easy on me :P
Ok, here's what I did. I thought "standard skin and model for this champion suck, need another one" so i took Blast Zone model and skin from HeroesPak.zip and worked on.
Mad, old scientist with blonde hair? Naaaaaah! I changed his hair and mustache color to bright gray, as well as other gadgets like the glasses, belt and gloves. As loading screen you'll find the blast zone one (no mods on that, i could try if you ask :P).
Everyone knows that Heim's beeping turrets are a bit... awkward, if not worse. So, next time you'll drop a turret, you'll find... Corki! In the pic you can see yellow, green, red and ice Corki, as well as the finished Heimerdinger skin.

This is my first skin, so feel free to leave comments, positives and negatives, they're all welcome :) Also requests are welcome: I would feel honored to fulfill them, even if i'm a newbie skinner and have a little experience.

Download, and enjoy! Feel free to ask if you have issues installing the stuff :D

ps: due to photoshop's big outputs, I have been forced to store the skin in 3 parts of the same archive. So:
1) If ya don't know how to open it, just extract the first part, the others will automatically follow (with winrar, 7zip or izArc);
2) If ya can give me some advice about how to reduce the size of all the stuff, please tell me, i'll be happy to re-upload :)

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